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Mississippi: America's Best Kept Secret

Deep in the heart of the South lies the Mississippi. Before the turn of the century, large areas of Mississippi were flooded by the mighty Mississippi, leaving behind some of the richest soil in the world. The fertile soil is home to some of the best agricultural commodities in the land, as well as an abundance of wildlife which surpasses the imagination.

Mississippi offers a wide array of wildlife including waterfowl, whitetail deer, quail and dove. Acres of upland and bottomland hardwoods, longleaf pine, corn, millet, rice and soybean food plots are located throughout the Magnolia State. And fantastic bass, bluegill, catfish and crappie are waiting to be caught in our scenic lakes. If just sitting back and enjoying the beauty of our abundant wildlife is your passion, we have that too.

"The rich, deep, black alluvial soil which would grow cotton taller than the head of a man on a horse, already one jungle, one brake, one impassible density of briar and cane and vine interlocking the soar of gum and cypress and hickory and pin oak and ash, printed now by the tracks of unalien shapes- bear and deer and panthers and hogs and wolves and alligators and the myriad smaller beasts, and unalien men to name them, too, perhaps - in the trackless infested forest -."

- William Faulkner

The many hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing areas are carefully developed and professionally managed by biologists to ensure they are ideal for wildlife, as well the serious sportsman. Controlled burning, soil testing, water impoundment, planting of supplemental food and the fertilization of natural food and cover for all wildlife has been, and will remain, an on?going program.

Have you looked high and low for fish, wildlife and birds, but don't know where to find them? You know, the kind you see in your neighbor's photographs, but seldom see in your own? Well you can stop looking. You can find them in Mississippi. All those fish, ducks, deer and birds have helped earn Mississippi the title of "America's Best Kept Secret." Every year, anglers, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts return from their trips to Mississippi talking about the bountiful fishing waters and vast acreage of wildlife areas.

Mississippi offers the hunter, angler and wildlife enthusiast the ideal habitat.

Mississippi Outfitters Association

When you choose Mississippi Outfitters, your outing will be a memorable experience. Our guides know Mississippi like the back of their hands. Whether you're looking for a great fishing spot, a little?known duck blind or a tranquil location for viewing, Mississippi Outfitters' team of guides use their years of personal experience to take you where the action's at its best.
At Mississippi Outfitters, we don't rely on luck. We use the best training, experience and equipment in all phases of our operations. We use the newest scientific wildlife and fisheries management techniques. And we combine them with old Southern hospitality. So you can expect to relax in tasteful, but comfortable surroundings that have the discriminating outdoor enthusiast man in mind.

Mississippi Outfitters' services are proven reliable and successful, too. Our bookings come from direct contact with our clients, word of mouth and, most of all, returning clientele. If there's one thing about your trip that's for certain, it's that you can rest assured knowing we will do every thing possible to make sure you enjoy every minute of your stay.

Why Mississippi Outfitters?

Besides the state, Mississippi Outfitters really is something to get excited about. Just ask the people we've helped. Our waterfowl hunt is something that won't soon be forgotten. We offer a challenging experience for all skill levels. Our turkey hunt provides memories for a lifetime. Dove season is a tradition everyone will enjoy. Fishing fanatics quickly discover that full stringers are the rule, not the exception. Wildlife viewing is a great family affair or when combined with bed and breakfast, perfect for two. And our wildlife camp is an educational experience.

Our Commitment.

Time is money. And time saved and enjoyed is the best reason to go on an outing with Mississippi Outfitters. We use the best training, experience and equipment in all phases of our operation. We genuinely want to ensure that your outing is most rewarding. You can rest assured knowing we will do everything in our power to make sure you enjoy every minute of your stay.